Wow! That is all I can say after last night's lunar eclipse and reading the brilliant comments from people in my last post. The eclipse seems to have inspired people all over the planet - except for people like Ian who were in the wrong place for once!

I had a great experience myself but then I had a great setting, great food, great wine and great company. I should probably explain that I've been in Rome this weekend and got to spend the eclipse at an Italian birthday party. The weather had been pretty overcast all Saturday, but luckily for me it cleared up shortly after the start of the eclipse. Not wanting to be totally unsociable, I didn't watch the entire eclipse but kept checking up on it every fifteen minutes or so. I must say that the last sliver of Moon to be eclipsed did seem to take ages to disappear but that may be down to my random checking and losing track of the time. The party was good (I even got to practice my limited Italian) and by the end perhaps about two thirds of the Moon had been re-illuminated.

My camera was many miles away (in another country) so I don't have any pictures. However, the circumstances made it a special eclipse for me and I have the pictures in my head at least.

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