Blast Off!

If you haven't seen it already, Dave Pearson has a fantastic video clip of the rebirth of the British Space Programme. OK so it isn't really a Space Shuttle but in fact a Reliant Robin (chosen because "it's a bit pointy at the front") strapped to a rocket but it does look remarkably like the NASA version. It is truly inspired.

The clip comes from the BBC TV programme called Top Gear which is supposedly about cars but over recent years has taken to doing crazy stunts like this. This project was apparently done in collaboration with the University of West of England and RocketMen Ltd who were bribed with "the promise of unlimited tea". The finished rocket is surprisingly big and had eight tonnes of thrust. Apparently that makes it the largest non-commercial rocket launch in Europe.

Note: It is probably best to watch the clip ASAP before it gets removed from the interwebs.

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