Comet P1 McNaught would appear to have been spectacular for many people and even visible during daytime. I haven't been so lucky with the weather. Tonight looked as though it would be the last, best chance I would get to see the comet before it sinks out of view in the evening sky. Disappointingly, a band of cloud sat on the western horizon merrily blocking the one bit of the sky I wanted to see. Typical! Although I saw nought of the comet, I did get a nice view of the planet Venus (credit to my dad for spotting it first) from Otley Chevin. I'll share that with you instead.

Venus at Sunset
Venus and western horizon at sunset as seen from Otley Chevin at about 16:40 GMT on 14th January 2007 (Comet McNaught hidden by cloud somewhere close to the horizon). The exposure wasn't very long so the image looks darker than it actually was. CREDIT: Stuart

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