AAS Effect and De-lurking

On the basis of very low number statistics, and in the absence of any other obvious event, I will tentatively say that the AAS meeting in Seattle (with live blogging) may have driven a surge in interest in astronomy. My measly evidence is based on two observations. Firstly, I had a sudden increase in people commenting on this blog to a range of topics both old and new. By increase I mean a handful of new commenters in the space of 2-3 days which is a significant blip for this blog. My second piece of evidence comes from the download statistics for the Jodcast which seem to show sudden increases in the number of downloads on Monday and Tuesday this week . This amounts to about a 10% increase on what would be expected. Has anyone else has noticed an effect or am I just correlating noise?

On the topic of comments, Sean over at Cosmic Variance notes that this is apparently de-lurking week. So, if you read this blog, but don't usually comment, take the plunge and say hello to everyone (you don't have to give your email address or real name but it would be nice if you could say which country you are in). Perhaps as many as 10 people are reading this!

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