AAS 2007 live!

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting for 2007 is underway in Seattle. Amongst over 2100 registrants are many US and Canadian astronomy bloggers and podcasters. As has been done previously by myself and Emily Lakdawalla at DPS 2005, by the Slackers at AAS 2006, and by Thomas Marquart et al and the Jodcast at the IAU 2006, there will be live blogging/podcasting of the meeting throughout the week.

Providing the insider knowledge for AAS 2007 we have (in no particular order) Phil Plait, the Slackers, the Spacewriter and the Nature newsblog. I've already seen the first video podcast from the meeting - AAS Meeting Nonsense [FF] (MP3: 22.7 MB) - which may be a first for a major astronomical get together. As I am not lucky enough to go all the way to Seattle, I'll do my bit and try to keep an up-to-date list in the links bar to the right.

Update: Pamela Gay is also covering the AAS on her blog Star Stryder.
Update 2 (11/1/2007): Also check out Dynamics of Cats and Galactic Interactions.

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