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Isn't it awful when you find yourself doing something that you normally find annoying? In my case I wanted to keep my list of astronomy blogs as short and manageable. So, I try to make sure that a blog contains mostly astronomy related content and provides regular updates before adding it. But my list keeps creeping further and further down the page. My excuse is that there are so many good astronomy blogs out there on the interwebs.

My latest two additions are both by professional astronomers making me think that articles about blogging in publications such as Physics World might actually get read. The first new blog is The e-Astronomer and is created by a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh. I've read his first few entries and he has a good style. Expect it to contain insight into astro-politics and e-science as well as large sky surveys. The second, Star Stryder, has been started by Pamela Gay of Astronomy Cast (and formerly Slacker Astronomy) fame. I expect Pamela will be blogging from the 209th American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle over the next week or so (January 6-12) as will Slackerpedia Galactica.

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