Astro Podcast Round-up

I've been tweaking the Astronomy Media Player for the past few months and after some teething troubles I think it is now working properly and should be a bit more responsive. I've included a few more astronomy podcasts such as Mountain Radio Astronomy from the Greenbank telescope (it took me ages to find their feed) and spacePod from Rutherford Appleton Labs in the UK bringing the total up past the 30 mark. To keep on top of things, there is a page showing all additions in the past week as well as a list of the top ten most listened to podcast episodes in the past week or so.

There have been some interesting items recently. Planetary Radio had a discussion of the fascinating Near Earth Asteroid KW4 (MP3: 6.6 MB), NRAO talked about the beginnings of large radio telescopes in the US in Happy Birthday, NRAO! (MP3: 39.2 MB), JPL have a video about the Spirit rover's three years on Mars (MP4: 16.3 MB), StarDate covered Earth at Perihelion - January 3 (MP3: 1.0 MB), the W.M. Keck Observatory had a talk on Brown Dwarfs: The Gap Between Stars and Planets (MP3: 17.2 MB), Science@NASA gave us True Fakes: Scientists Make Simulated Moondust (MP3: 2.7 MB) and the Jodcast January 2007 (MP3: 24.5 MB) covered active galactic nuclei as well as the Square Kilometre Array. Happy listening folks.

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