Copernicus crater mystery

Davep has posted about the latest developments on a puzzling observation announced on the Society for Popular Astronomy's bulletin board back in June. The puzzle was a bright point of light that Geoff Burt drew in one of his sketches of Copernicus crater. It looks like it may be a peak illuminated by sunlight but nobody of the SPA bulletin board is sure. So, Geoff is trying to re-image the crater, in similar illumination conditions, to see if it shows up again. Below is my quick and dirty animation that fades between Geoff's sketch and colour coded elevation data. I lined up the two images by eye using the crater wall on the left and the central peaks. Geoff's sketching skills are pretty good.

Copernicus crater
Copernicus crater animation CREDIT: Image by Geoff Burt,
elevation data from NASAs WorldWind, fade by Stuart
You may be able to help solve the mystery by making your own observations of the crater at Geoff's suggested times.

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