Multi-lingual podcast

One of the students at Jodrell Bank Observatory suggested that we release the Jodcast in languages other than English, as many people on the planet do not speak English. Translating the whole show seemed like a lot of work so we decided to just translate the news segment of the Jodcast. Several students at Jodrell Bank volunteered to do the translations so we now have the latest astronomy news in:

Over the weekend it is hoped that Japanese will be added too. Other languages that we may add include Spanish, Arabic and Farsi. Not only does this open up the Jodcast to more of the world, it could be used as a language learning aid! I'm off to practice my French.

Update (12 Nov 2006): It appears that our Japanese translator doesn't feel that his pronunciation is up to it. Are there any Japanese astronomers out there who would like the job of reading the news each month?

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