APoD interview

Now that the November Jodcast is finally out, I'll mention that Nick and I did an interview with Robert Nemiroff (MP3 5.4MB) who is one of the two people behind Astronomy Picture of the Day. He told us about how it all got started with Dr Jerry Bonnell back in 1995 when he thought the web was called Mosaic (the name of first web browser). Of course we had to ask how they find the images. Apparently, they get lots of images via the press officers at AAS and RAS but also from people from all over the world. They actually receive over ten times as many images as there are days, so the competition to be featured on APoD is pretty strong.

Dr Nemiroff also

tells us about his new book (Astronomy: 365 days) which has just been

published by Abrams and features the best images from APoD between 2003 and 2006. I've just got my copy from Amazon.co.uk and it is very nicely presented. I've had people going "oooohh" at it all afternoon.

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