A landmark

For the last few weeks the BBC News website has been running an online vote to find the UK's most popular 'unsung landmark'. Amongst the finalists were the Humber Bridge, the New Severn Crossing and some airship hangars. The vote closed on Wednesday last week and by Thursday afternoon it became apparent that the 76m Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory had won. It isn't often that a scientific instrument wins such a competition.

If you haven't heard about it before, the Lovell Telescope was probably the UK's most famous involvement in the space race (there was a fairly successful rocket programme with Australia but most people have never heard of that) as it was the only place in the world that could track the carrier rockets that launched Spunik in 1957.

Last Friday, a reporter from the BBC website turned up (complete with shorthand covered notepad) to interview some of the staff and members of the public in the visitor centre. The final article has just appeared on the BBC News Magazine site with a nice review of the science that the telescope has done (and still does) as well as some more aesthetic comments about the structure.

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