Utter chaos

Don't you just hate it when a plan starts to unravel? That is how I felt from last Thursday as our plans for podcasting from the IAU seemed to fall apart. I didn't anticipate suspected terrorist plots causing us problems so the sudden ban on hand-luggage threw a spanner into the works; it meant that laptops and MP3 players either didn't travel or got put in the hold. Add to that the fact that our microphone doesn't work and the result is that we got nothing for the first two days of the IAU and things weren't looking good until next week. However, things are starting to look up. We have an interview arranged for this afternoon, so look out for it on the Jodcast interview feed early this evening. We are also trying to arrange an interview about the status of Pluto/planets as that will be announced tomorrow.

Don't expect me to be putting much on this blog for the next week or so as I'm too busy trying to sort out the chaos that is currently the Jodcast. Oh, and I have another big thing to prepare for.

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Wednesday 16th Aug 2006 (11:46 BST) | Permalink
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