500 posts old

This post is a special one. Not for the content but because I noticed that it is the 500th post I have written and it is roughly three years since I started this blog. That makes me feel quite old in blogging terms.

Back in 2003 there weren't really any other astronomy blogs around and that is the reason I named this place as Astronomy Blog. Actually, it started off as Astro Blog but I quickly added the "nomy" to make the distinction between the astrology blogs that then existed (I'm glad Ian has taken the name since). It seemed like a good, solid name and nobody else was using it.

The start was lonely, but I'm happy to say that since then many other voices have appeared on the scene to give quite a big community of astronomy blogs (see links to right). These cover both hemispheres, many time zones and several continents (although I haven't found any African, South American or Antarctic astronomy bloggers yet). As a result, we have long past the stage where I have the time to keep up with all of them. Perhaps a carnival of the astronomy blogs would be a good idea for the future. Is anyone up for that?

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