Stardust@Home is go

One thing that Paola (see my previous entry) pointed out to me was that the Stardust@Home project is now operational. They have got their 'virtual microscope' fixed and you can now help to analyse data from the Stardust spacecraft from the comfort of your own house - perhaps while sitting in bed! Run over to the Stardust site and take the test and contribute to real planetary science - it is much more interactive than seti@home. Plus, you get a credit if you find anything new.

I just took the test and am pleased to say that I didn't fluff it; I identified 10 out of 10 correctly so I can now tell an interstellar grain from standard dust on the surface of the aerogel and scratches. Horray! Now all I need to do is improve my ranking...

A certificate for the completion of the Stardust@Home test CREDIT: Planetary Society/Stardust@Home

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