World Cup Moon

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past month you will be aware of the football (soccer) World Cup. I've been working in Italy for the duration of it, watching the ups and downs and seeing the various nationalities either overjoyed or depressed by their team's performance. I'm pretty glad that I was in Italy for the final (Italy vs France) and to see the reaction of a country winning first hand; that isn't going to happen back home for some time yet going by England's performance throughout the competition.

During the second half of the match I managed to take this photo of the full Moon from the window whilst keeping one eye (and both ears) on the game.

The Moon during the World Cup final, taken from northern Italy CREDIT: Stuart

Overjoyed Italian supporters with the Moon in the background CREDIT: Stuart
Of course as soon as the game finished, on nail-biting penalties, the whole of Italy seemed to erupt with the sound of horns and whistles.

Cheers of "Campioni del Mondo!", and other things I couldn't catch, echoed around the city I'm staying in. It was a fantastic atmosphere with everyone so happy and friendly. Everyone from little old ladies, to young men and women, to entire families were out in the streets celebrating the victory over France in the World Cup final.

I took some pictures, but as you might expect fast moving people at night in poor lighting without a tripod is a difficult thing to do. So, my picture shows some rather blurry (but ecstatic) people with a rather blurry Moon in the background.

Congratulations Italy!

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