The Lovell Telescope

I've just been looking though some of my photos from a few years ago so thought I would share one.

Lovell Telescope
The Lovell Telescope (September 2001) CREDIT: Stuart
This is a photo of the University of Manchester's Lovell Telescope. It's a radio telescope and is 76m across (equivalent to about three public swimming pool lengths). It was the largest radio telescope in the world when it was built in 1957. It had cost rather a lot of public money and was in financial difficulties before it was even finished. Although it was a University built science project, it turned out to be the only facility in the world that could track the carrier rockets that launched the Soviet Union's Sputnik satellite. Involving Britain with the start of the space race helped to save both it and the observatory and it's still going strong today. Look out for lots of 50th anniversary events happening next year.

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