Stellarium 0.8.0

The latest version of the excellent (and free) Stellarium planetarium software is out. The software was originally developed by Fabien Chéreau but now has a whole team of excellent people involved. It is a great example of open source software at its best.

There are some nice improvements since 0.7.1 such as a night mode (everything goes red to preserve your night vision), constellation boundaries and a better world map to choose your location, although I notice that Manchester is missing for some reason. The search tool allows you to find all sorts of objects very easily and the whole interface looks a lot slicker. It is now possible to change the projection mode to include a spherical mirror which has made me worryingly happy. Not only does it have all the great features but it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

So what are you waiting for - go download it now!

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Wednesday 24th May 2006 (21:30 UTC) | Permalink
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