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In the late summer of 2005 a couple of people seeded in me the idea of creating an astronomy podcast to sit alongside the handful that then existed (including the excellent and now one year old Slacker Astronomy). I was busy at that time but by late October myself and a friend at Jodrell Bank Observatory got to thinking seriously about making one of our own. So, after roping in a few more people, the Jodcast (can you see what we did there?) was finally born. I haven't mentioned it before because I thought it would be terribly self referential and biased of me. But, hey, this is my blog after all so it can have one quick plug ;-)

We released our first (monthly) show back in January and now have four episodes out in the wild under a Creative Commons license. Amongst other things, the April show contained a sound tour I made with Alan Gilmore during my trip to Mount John Observatory in New Zealand. The Jodcast site has some pictures from that trip which I didn't post here. Oh, and if you catch the upcoming May show you should hear the voice of a certain Australian astronomy blogger talking about the southern skies.

If you haven't heard it before, please have a listen and let me know what you think of it. We don't have the galaxy of listeners that SA have, but I hope we are getting better as we go along. Comments and suggestions about content, style and format are very welcome (post them here) especially if they help us to make it better.

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