Better lighting

Want to help improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions while reducing your electricity bill and getting a better night's sleep? Who wouldn't?

Each year in the UK we spend a lot of money illuminating the night sky rather than the areas on the ground where we actually need the light. We also dazzle drivers and homeowners with badly directed lights, ironically making it harder for them to see. By turning off unwanted lights and making more appropriate using of lighting, power usage can be reduced, electricity bills can be lowered, we will probably be safer and we get to see the amazing free show of the night sky (weather depending). Despite a win-win senario, it seems to be very difficult to acheive in practice as some people seem determined to make night into day.

For many people lighting is a serious nuisance much as noise can be; imagine having stadium floodlights shining through your bedroom window. On 6th April the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (see commentary from CfDS) came into effect in the UK. This Act makes it possible to do something about poor lighting by reporting it to your local Environmental Health Office. Local councils have issued some advice on what you should do if you feel that poor lighting is affecting you. Of course it is always much better to have a friendly word with the owners of poor lighting first.

A conference discussing the new legislation will be held on 20th April at De Montford University in Leicester. The fee is GBP 30 if you are interested in going.

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