Roving Mars

Cue deep rumbling, a full orchestra and that American guy who seems to do all the film voiceovers: "For centuries mankind has dreamed of the day we would unlock the secrets of another planet. That day has arrived...."

With financing from Lockheed Martin, Disney have produced a new IMAX film named Roving Mars (spotted via Will Gater). Rather than be a rather dodgy sci-fi flick, this is more of a big-budget documentary that follows the recent exploration of Mars by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. Going by the trailer (which needs Quicktime 7), there are interviews with real scientists such as the rover's principal investigator, Steve Squires. Although Roving Mars has been released since January 27th, it may take some time for my nearest IMAX cinema to get a hold of it. Of course, until then, I will have to get by with the images that are still coming from the rovers (Opportunity has just clocked 7km total distance) as well as the great images coming from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. I am feeling pretty spoiled.

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