On my way to New Zealand I stopped over in LA for a few days to break up the journey. I was actually staying in Pasadena so managed to visit the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Caltech does a lot of astronomy research and is involved with many observatories and instruments such as Palomar, Keck, OVRO and the Cosmic Background Imager in Chile. They also have some smaller instruments that are used by undergraduate students such as a 14 inch Celestron telescope in a dome on the roof of the Robinson building.

Dome on the roof of the Caltech Robinson building. CREDIT: Stuart

While I was at Caltech a TV crew were filming for the television series Numb3rs. I haven't seen the programme but it would appear to involve a mathematician solving crimes in LA. There was a whole line of catering trucks and vans for the 'stars' lined up on one side of the campus and they were filming one scene in the campus bookshop when I went to get some lunch.

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