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As usual, the holidays have been (and still are) busy. This, along with my inability to think of anything original, has meant that I haven't posted much recently. To take you through new year, here is a short round-up of what has been happening elsewhere on t'Internet.

Recently the weather seems to have been a bit poor for observing. This is quite normal in the UK, but it is most annoying now that we have long dark nights in the northern hemisphere. Christmas morning mist has been stopping Megan (UK) seeing the Lovell Telescope, so she made do with scanning in some old photos instead. Cloud has put Dave P (UK) in the doldrums while James (Ireland) has managed to get a couple of clear cold nights. I bet they weren't as cold as Tom (New England) is getting at the moment; he has been fitting out his new Sky Shack (think of a shed on a sledge) with a heater to keep him warm in the deep snow. It seems to be working a treat.

When the weather allowed, this month has seen lots of solar system observing from both hemispheres. Mars is getting smaller again, but that hasn't stopped people getting views of the major features. Venus has also been giving a good show as it overtakes the Earth on the inside and becomes a larger slim cresent. Saturn has also started to become sociable by rising earlier. This has allowed Rob (Florida) to get a nice shot of it.

Nearer to home, the Moon has been providing a good target for all. Ian (Australia) has a lunar mosaic, Math (Belgium) has a nice video trip across the Moon and Peter (New York City) has a great record of a night observing craters on the Moon. Perhaps he should enter it in Ian's competition (judge's

decision is final!) to find the best sky watching experience. Mind you, I would suggest Aditi's (India) experience of the night sky during a powercut as a contender too.

In other news, a small meteroid was caught on camera hitting the Moon, Stardust will be returning on 15th January and Uranus has gained two new rings (see Phil P or Tom). I still haven't been able to decipher that anagram yet.

Finally, Dave P has been encouraging the return of sketching (I've made you the "and finally" again Dave ;-) ) and Peter has taken up the challenge with some great sketches of the Moon. It would be nice to see more in the new year. Now, if only it wasn't foggy outside...

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