Hunting the Beagle

The BBC report the possible discovery of the UK's Beagle 2 lander on the surface of Mars. Colin Pillinger claims that various light and dark areas in a crater, seen by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, could be parts of the ill-fated lander. It was thought that Beagle 2 probably crashed during Christmas Eve/Day 2003 because the atmosphere was thinner than had been expected so there wasn't enough braking and it hit the ground too fast. It was the first British thing to crash on Mars!

Frankly, you may need to be someone like Richard Hoagland to see much in the images on the BBC news site. I think I'll wait for higher resolution images from Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter next year before celebrating.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Tuesday 20th Dec 2005 (12:46 UTC) | Permalink
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