The Time Lords

The International Telecommunications Union are currently discussing the removal of leap seconds. To summarise the debate, astronomers want to keep adding leap seconds every now and then to keep our clocks in sync with the rotation of the Earth. However, computer programmers (and the US military) would like to remove them because they are annoying to implement in software. Who wins? The ITU will decide soon (possibly).

If you didn't see the last few minutes of Newsnight last night, I suggest you go over to the Newsnight website and 'Watch Again' (the video will only be there for another 14 hours though so don't dawdle). Skip forward to about 40 minutes 20 seconds and you will get Newsnight's take on the issue - they take it very seriously ;-)

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Friday 11th Nov 2005 (09:15 UTC) | Permalink
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