Episode 2

OK, so last week I was appalled at the dodgy astronomy in the first episode of Supernova. More importantly, I didn't think it was too funny. This week I have changed my mind as the second episode was much funnier and I have come to think that the scriptwriter may be using astro babble in a tongue-in-cheek way.

The turning point for me was when the two young Australian astronomers tuned in to a Russian-dubbed episode of Doctor Who. They both burst out laughing at the use of 'lithium-beryllium' in the TARDIS because it was bad science. So, the bad astronomy may be deliberate and I somehow felt there was less than last week anyway.

The main set-up joke was about seeing the 'face of God' in a wormhole. It was just a tad obvious as to what the resolution would be but I thought it was quite well done nevertheless.

I shall now gently lower myself from my hyper-sensitive astro-geek high horse.

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