Stellar competition

The European Southern Observatory are running a competition to win a trip to the Paranal Observatory in Chile. Before everyone gets too excited, entry is only open to students of European schools and those in Chile. That rules me out. The ESO websites says:

Just like astronomers do, you can form teams to research your chosen object, and use scientific detective work to find out as much as possible about it. Younger contestants can take part in the competition by making a drawing of the object you have selected. You could also choose as your topic a celestial event or phenomenon, such as a solar or lunar eclipse, the Northern or Southern Lights, or a meteor shower like the Leonids. Or, write about a visit to an observatory, describing the ways in which it studies the object you have chosen.

If you happen to be a European youngster, give it a go. You can even team up with two of your friends and submit a joint entry.

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