A point or not

Yesterday I caused some confusion and annoyance which I didn't mean to do. Dave-p had posted a good blog entry about a recent letter to Astronomy Now (a UK based astronomy magazine) and I used a poor choice of words to link to his post. It was late at night and I was tired, but that isn't an excuse.

Dave makes plenty of good comments about why he is an amateur astronomer:

...the motivation for getting outside came from the enjoyment there was to be had in conducting my own little experiments, in getting to know my own equipment, in expanding my own experience and in the simple joy of learning something.

Although I don't have my own telescope (I have to beg and borrow from other people) I agree with all those sentiments. You don't always have to be solving the deepest unknown problems in astrophysics  - working out how to polar-align a telescope is difficult enough sometimes. One of the greatest things about astronomy is just looking at the rest of the Universe and perhaps finding something new (to me, if not to the rest of the world). It is amazing that we've been able to work out so much of what is going on in the Universe from the confines of our little planet.

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