Cut-out and keep

When I was at DPS2005, I picked up a rather nice European Space Agency teacher's resources bag that was being given away. I dug it out this evening to have a look through the contents and discovered a cut-out and build model of the ExoMars rover.


An artists impression of an Exomars rover CREDIT: ESA

When I was little, I loved making paper/card based models of things. After much cutting and glueing of flaps I would eventually have a fully working theatre (with flats, curtains and actors), ocarina or perhaps even the Sydney Opera House. So I set about making the Exomars rover, but quickly discovered that it hasn't been totally thought through. It would appear that the build instructions have been printed on the reverse side of the parts. Not only do the instructions get cut up as you build the rover, but they don't tell you important things such as where to fold etc. Perhaps I got a trial version of it.

I had a look around on the interweb for more comprehensive instructions and discovered that a large number of other space missions also have their own cut-out models. ESA has models for Integral,SOHO, and Mars Express. There is also a model for NASA's Mars Pathfinder.


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