Stellarium 0.7.0

I haven't posted much in the last few days as I'm a bit busy, but I had to point out that the latest version of the fantastic Stellarium software is now available. Stellarium is mainly the work of Fabien Chéreau and is a beautiful, free, planetarium program that runs on Windows and Linux (Mac OSX soon). It displays a pretty realistic looking sky and I have taken it outside on a laptop several times to help people find stars and constellations (great artwork by Johan Meuris). It may not be the most accurate planetarium software available, but it is amongst the prettiest and improves all the time.

The new version has loads of cool enhancements, not least of which is the ability to search for objects. Amongst the other improvements: you can drag the sky with the mouse; the slewing speed has been made slower making it look less jerky; you can choose from four pre-set landscapes; there is now also a workaround to stop it using all your CPU time if you have a slower PC or laptop.

It is a 16.4MB download, but it is most definitely worth it.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Friday 16th Sep 2005 (01:48 UTC) | Permalink
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