Martian Hillwalking

The view from the Spirit Mars Rover as it climbs Husband Hill. CREDIT: NASA/JPL/Texas A&M
The Mars rovers are still going strong. The above image shows the view looking backwards as the Spirit rover closes on the summit of Husband Hill on Sol 581. You can just make out the solar panels in the bottom right and you should be able to see a couple of dust devils on the horizon. Husband Hill has two summits - Summit 1 and Summit 2 - and the rover team chose to visit the first. They initially thought Summit 1 was smaller, but now that they are almost at the top, they realise that it is higher. On 17th August Spirit was only six vertical metres below the summit, so there should be great panoramas of the view from the top, soon.

Steve Squyres - principal investigator for the Mars Rover mission - has a good Mission webpage which gives lots of detailed information about what each rover has been doing.

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