Science Week Podcasts

This week has been science week in Australia. There have been many events across Australia which I didn't attend due to a minor problem of about 17,000 km or so. Instead, I've been listening to various science shows produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and podcast via the Internet.

Dr Karl's phone-in science show, broadcast on Triple j, is good fun and this week they talk about the physics of Space Shuttle re-entry and the possibility of astronauts passing wind in space. Radio National's Science Show podcast has an interesting item, by the editor of Scientific American, discussing the past and future of the US 'Star Wars' defence system. Although not Australian (except once), I don't want Slacker Astronomy to feel left out. They have a sound seeing tour of a Perseid spotting trip near Boston.

Here in the UK, the British Association (BA) will have its annual Festival of Science in Dublin from 3-10 September. Looking ahead, the next UK National Science Week will be 10-19 March 2006.

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