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UK dark sky map

Stay away from the light! A dark sky map of the UK. CREDIT: Kielder Forest Star Camp
As autumn and winter appear on the distant horizon, it is time to start planning some observing for the longer nights. Observing doesn't have to be a lonely affair; you can be sociable and attend a star party. Your local astronomical society is always a good first port of call to find out about star parties in your area. However, if you feel like venturing further afield, there are a few star camps that are open to all.

The Loughton Astronomical Society and the Society for Popular Astronomy will be hosting the Autumn Equinox Sky Camp from Thursday 29th September to Sunday 2nd October. This year it is being held at Kelling Heath, on the northern coast of Norfolk, which is supposed to have a limiting magnitude of around 5.5. There will be talks, trade stands, an 'astroboot' and of course a chance to see the sky from a dark site - weather permitting.

If you live in the very north of England or the south of Scotland Norfolk may be too far to travel, especially as you have dark skies closer to home. If so, why not go to the Kielder Forest Star Camp on 10th September? They will also have talks and trade stands.

If you are interested in astronomy and want to do something during the day, you could attend the Society for Popular Astronomy's 2005 Convention. It is being held at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge on Saturday 15th October. Admission is free but there is limited space in the lecture theatre so make sure that you book ahead.

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