October Eclipse

Here is an advance warning of an annular solar eclipse that will be visible on 3rd October. Unfortunately for some, it is only visible from Europe and Africa. The best places - those that see the greatest eclipse - are northern Portugal, Spain (Madrid at 08:56 UT), Algeria (Algiers at 09:05 UT), Tunisia, Libya, Chad, Sudan (10:31 UT), Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia (11:30 UT). If you live near those countries (for various definitions of near) you should be able to see a partial annular eclipse. In Manchester we should have around 65% of the maximum eclipse. If you live further south you will see more, and further north you will see a bit less. Something to look out for on your way to work.

I'll leave you with a picture of an annular eclipse that I took from the top of a Scottish mountain, at sunrise, back in 2003. It was fantastic!

Annular eclipse seen from Scotland in 2003

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