OK, I know that this isn't anything to do with astronomy, but I hope you won't mind me mentioning it here.

In case you don't know, London suffered a series of bomb attacks this morning at 08.51 BST, 08:56 BST, 09:17 BST, 09:47 BST; a time of day when the buses, trains and Underground are full of people. It seems that one bus exploded and there were three explosions on the Underground. The current number of fatalities is thought to be at least 33. The number of fatalities on the bus explosion haven't been confirmed. The BBC have pictures and video of the scenes. There was no warning.

This was obviously an organised, callous attack and was timed to strike at the worst time. Yesterday, London was celebrating after successfully winning the Olympics in 2012 and this week the police force are concentrating on protecting the G8 leaders in Scotland.

The mobile phone networks around London have been finding it difficult to cope with the volume of calls that are being made. As far as I can tell at the moment, nobody I know has been killed or injured. I did know some people going to the Royal Institution in London this morning, but it seems that they are OK. Thank goodness.

My deepest sympathys go to the families and friends of all those that died in today's terrible attacks.

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