The view from space

Wow! Paul Feldman and Hal Weaver at the Space Telescope Science Institute have been working hard and already released images of the impact taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on the HST. Actually, the HubbleSite has another frame taken at 07.20 UT. Comet Tempel 1 brightened up so much that the diffraction spikes are visible on the middle frame taken at 06.01 UT.

ESA's Rosetta probe, which is going to a comet itself, took images every five minutes around the time of impact using the OSIRIS Narrow Angle Camera. The have made a nice 3D surface plot to show how the brightness changes and a traditional light curve too.

XMM-Newton's optical monitor (it is actually an X-ray telescope) caught images in the blue and UV parts of the spectrum. They were able to measure the brightness of hydroxyl groups and saw that they increased by a factor of about five from before the impact to an hour and a half afterwards. Cool or what?

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