The time zone

Converting between time zones can be quite tricky. You have to remember how many hours behind or ahead the time zone is, from GMT/UTC, and then remember how many hours ahead or behind your time zone is. This is easier for those living on 0 longitude, but then you still have to factor in daylight saving.

I recently made a mistake with the time of impact for the Deep Impact probe. The times were quoted on the JPL website in Pacific Daylight Time. When I converted them into UTC I was out by an hour. Doh! To solve this problem for both myself and you, the reader, I decided to create a script that would automagically convert the times that I write into your current timezone. So, if you put your mouse over the time 09.14 BST, it should tell you what this is in your local time zone - assuming your computer is set correctly.

I threw the script together quite quickly so I'm sure there will be problems with it. Here are some test times: 09.14 ACST, 8.43 pm CDT, 3.13 am CEDT, 10 am GMT, 01.56 am NFT.

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