Time for a nice relaxing cup of tea

"Miles above the surface of the planet the huge yellow somethings began to fan out. At Jodrell Bank, someone decided it was time for a nice relaxing cup of tea."

Don't panic! The image above (courtesy of Disney) shows two Vogon spaceships hanging in the sky over the Lovell telescope in much the same way that bricks don't. It is a clip from the movie of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which is officially released on 29th April. You can download an almost wallpaper sized version of the above image from Jodrell Bank's website.

As Jodrell Bank gets mentioned twice in the books, it also gets to appear in the film. However this time, it is Jodrell Bank staff that get to communicate with the Vogons to tell them that we never saw the plans for the hyperspace bypass. The scenes were shot on location at Jodrell using real Jodrell staff as extras (two of the telescope controllers have already appeared in the trailer) and real sheep in the neighbouring fields. The sheep above are actually running towards the local farmer who is shaking a bucket of feed.

One thing to look out for, in the scenes of the telescope control room, are yellow post-it notes mentioning the lack of biros!

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