Astronomy from the Moon

The idea of building radio telescopes on the far side of the Moon has been around for a long time and we commented on it a few months ago.

It seems that a workshop titled 'Towards a European Infrastructure for Lunar Observatories' is being organised this March in Bremen, Germany. It will be sponsored by EADS, ASTRON, and Radionet but will be restricted to 30 people. The point of the workshop is to "bring together representatives from science and industry to discuss the various options, time scales, and scientific justifications for scientific experiments on the Lunar surface". Possible observatories on the lunar surface might study a range of frequencies from low-frequency radio (they don't say how low, low is) through submm-wave, optical and X-ray. There could also be a network of seismic sensors and other detectors as well.

This has come to the fore with ESA's plan for more missions, some manned, to the Moon and Mars. If you think this sounds familiar you'd be right; NASA have their own, well publicised plan called Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond.

I can't wait to see the results of the workshop and see if any of the recommendations get put into use.

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