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It is amazing what you find on the hyperinternetwebgrid sometimes. After a fairly random walk, I discovered the AntiAstrology blog which aims to bring "science to the astrologer's doorstep". It was set up by Prashant Mullick (the AntiAstrologer?) and Selvakumar Ganesan partly in response to an Indian Supreme Court ruling. The ruling dismissed a petition by scientists against a University Grants Commission directive to introduce courses in Vedic Astrology in the university curriculum.

So it may now be possible to do a degree in astrology? Does that mean that my title as the most qualified astrologer in the world may be under threat? I should explain that statement before we go any further. When I graduated from university, my old high school sent me a letter congratulating me on my degree in 'Physics with Astrology'. Oh how I laughed that morning. I thought it was quite funny as it meant I was more qualified than Russell Grant. Another example was the University of Manchester exam timetable, last year, which listed an exam in 'Introductory Astrology' much to the amusement of the lecturer. As a one off, these mix-ups can be quite funny, but they seem to be all to frequent. Interestingly, I can't think of an occasion when it has happened the other way around. It annoys me because there is quite a lot of difference between astrology and astronomy (or astrophysics); one is a bit of fun and the other is a lot of fun!

Astrology and astronomy have common origins but they parted some time ago when astronomy decided to use scientific principles and astrology didn't. There isn't much love lost between the two camps these days and you will be hard pushed to find an astronomer that defends astrology on a scientific basis. I should point out that all astronomers agree that astronomical bodies and phenomena have effects on our everyday lives. Just look at the fact we have day and night, tides and disturbance to communications caused by the solar wind not to mention the sheer thrill of seeing the Saturn with a small telescope. However, they aren't likely to make you meet a tall, dark, hansome stranger. Answering personal ads in the newspaper will be much more successful at that sort of thing.

I will no doubt have further things to say about astrology in the future when I am less tired than I am now.

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