Dome C Seeing

An article in Nature last week discussed the possibility of putting an optical telescope in Antartica. The article was written by astronomers from the University of New South Wales and the Cerro-Tololo Inter American Observatory in Chile.

They measured the seeing at a site called Dome C, about 75 degrees south, high on the Antarctic plateau. As they say, the results were remarkable with a median seeing in winter of 0.27 arcsec, and below 0.15 arcsec 25 per cent of the time. That would make it one of the best places in the world for doing optical astronomy. The claim is that a fairly modest telescope would be able to do much better than big telescopes in other sites.

If an optical telescope was to be built there, it wouldn't be the first time astronomers or particle physicists had taken observations with telescopes near or under the south pole.

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