Planet Pirates

Radio 4 just broadcast a programme called Planet Pirates that was presented by Clive Anderson. It was about those people that set up businesses on the Earth, selling off bits of the Universe. People such as Dennis Hope, believe that they can do this because they claim the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty only covers nation states. Dennis Hope has even set up the unrecognised Lunar Embassy in order to sell off bits of the solar system; Mercury is being put up for sale soon.

All this is pretty much like buying stars from really dodgy star naming companies and is equally invalid. Another person interviewed on the programme was Virgiliu Pop who isn't a big fan of Dennis Hope. Virgiliu is writing a thesis on space law and in 2001 made a claim for the Sun, with the Archimedes Institute to point out how ridiculus this all is.

All of these claims are currently pointless as in 2000 I made a claim, with the Archimedes Insitute, for the "whole of the observable Universe, except for the parts previously claimed, including all space, time, and any other dimensions that may be shown to exist". I dedicated my claim to be used by all sentient life for peaceful, scientific use. Strangely they never accepted my claim.

Perhaps we need a revolution to overthrow the sham Lunar government.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Saturday 07th Aug 2004 (10:38 UTC) | Permalink
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