Transit of Venus

Well it finally happened! All that waiting and planning finally payed off and we managed to see pretty much all the transit apart from the odd cloudy patch near the beginning.

Preparations were started a couple of months ago and I produced the Jodrell Transit microsite to provide information about the transit in advance. Yesterday I sorted out a real time display to be projected on the big screen in the Visitor's Centre which had NASA TV, various webcams from around the world and the Jodrell Bank webcam using the Coronado Helios I telescope. It also had a Venus transit fact ticker like those you get on 24 hour news channels!

A lot of people turned up and it was a very good morning. There were loads of people from Macclesfield Astronomical Society and some from the West Didsbury Astronomical Society. Many of them very nicely provided me with digital photographs all morning so that I could display them on the website as the transit was happening. I ran around with a laptop and a memory card reader grabbing lots of very impressive images of the transit and had to find network cables to connect to - we don't have wireless networks at a radio observatory!

We also got a visit from Fred the Granada weatherman who was really excited by the whole thing. He even managed to get a fairly long piece on the Granada news filmed live at about 6.30pm from the roof.

A great day although I am now very tired having not got much sleep last night!

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Tuesday 08th Jun 2004 (18:37 UTC) | Permalink
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