It is that time of year again. The National Astronomy Meeting (known as NAM) is being held this year in Milton Keynes as it is being hosted by The Open University. I have only just registered as I had forgotton all about it, so I am now too late to submit an abstract for a poster or talk. It is just as well that I submitted a poster to last year's NAM in Dublin.

There should be some interesting sessions this year but I'm waiting for the final programme to be released so I can make up my mind on some of the sessions. For instance I'm not sure whether to go to the Cosmology session on galaxy formation or the astronomical computation and virtual observatories session.

After all my complaints about light pollution I am certainly going to the Adverse environmental factors affecting astronomy session. Jodrell's own Dr Jim Cohen is giving a talk on radio pollution and Bob Mizon is giving a talk on light pollution in the UK. I also want to catch Dr. Derek McNally's talk on global warming and astronomy which is going to discuss the possibility of an increased water content in the atmosphere.

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