Star Formation

The Star Formation Newsletter (and the BBC News) reports:

Julian W. McNeil II, an amateur astronomer from Paducah, Kentucky, reports the appearance of a new cometary reflection nebula 1.1 arcminutes in diameter in the Lynds 1630 cloud in Orion. The nebula was found on several images taken on 2004 Jan 23 UT with a 7.6-cm Takahashi refractor CCD, and it is not present on seven sky survey images from POSS-I, POSS-II and UKSTU taken between 1951 and 1991. Coordinates for the new optical nebula are: R.A. = 5h46m14s, Dec = -00o05'.8 (J2000). McNeil's Nebula is apparently associated with IRAS 05436-0007, which consequently may have erupted.

They urge people to observe this object as Orion will soon become a day-time object and we won't be able to see it for several months. This just goes to show that with dark skies, amateurs with small telescopes can contribute to astronomy. Let's hope that the House of Commons realise that today and take some action to combat light pollution.

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