Martian Google

Mars mania still has the World in its grip. Even Google have a Mars themed logo at the moment.

It seems that Spirit's mini-thermal emission spectrometer has been producing data that I haven't really seen reported in the news. Taking a look at their slideshow, it seems as though the spectra from Spirit and Mars Global Surveyor are pretty similar except for a bit more absorption due to Carbon dioxide and carbonates in the Spirit spectrum.

And finally, in a story that sounds like it should be to do with Beagle 2, NASA commissioned a small-town watchmaker to create 21 watches that have 24 hours and 37 minutes in a day. He has patented the design, so he should probably make some money out of it a bit like Blur who composed the first ring tone on Mars - just a shame there was no one there to answer!

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Friday 16th Jan 2004 (01:01 UTC) | Permalink
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