Light Pollution 2

Well after reading the House of Commons Science and Technology report on light pollution, I was inspired to do something (however little) about light pollution around the Physics Department in Manchester.

I decided to start with the University as there were some badly angled security lights around campus that were shining at the telescope dome. I managed to talk to a nice guy from Estates and Services who had helped to put the dome on the roof in the first place. I showed him which lights were the worst offenders and he said he would do something about them. Sure enough, by early this week they had been sorted out.

Encouraged by this success I have decided to turn my attention to some very bright flood lights in east Manchester. As far as I can tell they belong to the Longsight railway depot so I got in contact with Network Rail on Wednesday. Unfortunately I got through to a central switchboard and they told me that someone would get back to me about it - I don't hold much hope of anyone getting back to me even though they have an environmental policy that would imply that they might.

Once (if ever) the railway is sorted out, I shall try to see if the City Council can so something about street lights. The most practical solution is that when a street light needs replacing, they use lamps that shine all their light down. One step at a time.

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