Light Pollution

I have just been reading the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Seventh Report which focuses on light pollution.

For one of "several thousand in the UK who make a living from astronomy" it makes very interesting reading. Apparently, 40 years ago it was possible to see the Milky Way from Liverpool but now you can only see stars above magnitude 3 (which means you can't see the Milky Way). This is a problem we have to deal with with the undergraduate telescope in Manchester.

The Committee lay into the Governement with comments such as:

"We regret that PPARC and the Government have adopted a defeatist attitude towards light pollution and astronomy in the UK."

... and ...

"The remedies for the different types of light pollution may differ, but light trespass, glare and sky glow are all caused by an unnecessary misuse of light. This confusion is indicative of the Government's disjointed treatment of the problem of light pollution."

Hopefully this will have some inpact on reducing sky glow and allow more people to see the night sky - if only people could see as much as I did in South Africa.

For my part, tomorrow I am going to complain to the University's Estates and Services department about some very bad lighting on the Stopford and Zochonis Buildings. Let's see if they are bothered - if they aren't I shall have to call in the big guns to get something done about it.

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