Late to bed, late to rise...

South Africa is in the same time zone so when I came here on Saturday/Sunday I shouldn't have suffered any jet lag. However a combination of a long journey and the fact that I am living on astronomer time, means that I have only just about recovered.

The last two nights I have got to bed after 6am and today (or is that yesterday?) I got up at 3pm! It is still only 4:22am (local time) but I think I will be going to bed shortly I want to be up in time for lunch later.

The weather has been pretty variable over the last few days. On Wednesday it was pretty miserable all day with rain, hail and thunder storms but it cleared up for several hours at about 9pm. Thursday was fine all day but the weather turned bad later in the night and is currently quite foggy. We certainly didn't have to worry about our car headlights affecting other observers on the way back down the mountain.

For the first few nights we have had trouble with our camera/computer but they seem to be working much better now. We have some final tests/setting up to do tomorrow and then, weather depending, we should start taking proper observations.

This evening we went for "coffee club" in the 1.9m telescope dome with Encarni and Patrick who are two postdocs (researchers) based in Cape Town. Between us we have three of the four main working telescopes on the mountain and we all look out for one another. As we are a long way from anywhere there is quite a community spirit and we usually ring each other up to say what the weather is doing (if you have the dome closed you don't realise that it has become clear) and to check that we are all still alive.

Right I must go off to bed as it is getting on for 4:45.

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