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Oct 26 2014
03:50 UTC

Super-hot Venus may have heavy metal frost

Venus is one of the most inhospitable places in the Solar System, with temperatures hot enough to melt lead, crushing air pressure on the surface, and thick, toxic clouds perpetually hiding the planet itself from view. Now new research is helping to solve a long-standing mystery by showing that there may be frost on the … Continue Reading →The post Super-hot Venus may have heavy metal frost appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

Posted by The Meridiani Journal

Oct 23 2014
20:56 UTC

Surprise: it can snow on Venus! (But it’s made of metal.)

Our neighboring planet Venus is pretty badass. Sulfuric acid-laden clouds, crushing atmospheric pressure, and broiling surface temperatures soaring to nearly 900 degrees Fahrenheit (480 degrees Celsius) make Earth's sister world quite the alien horror show. And now there may be another strange phenomenon to add to Venus' list of extreme oddities: heavy metal ferroelectric snow […]

Posted by Lights in the Dark

Oct 21 2014
14:33 UTC

Could Heavy Metal' Frost Lurk Beneath Venus' Hothouse Clouds?

Talk about using old data for a new purpose! Researchers re-examining information from the completed NASA Magellan mission found signs of what could be “heavy metal” frost on the hell-like surface. What the researchers saw in radio-wave reflectance is the highlands appear brighter, with dark spots in the tallest locations. What substance exactly is causing […]

Posted by Universe Today

Oct 07 2014
02:51 UTC

Australian Astronomical Observatory on YouTube!

i've been working to launch an AAO YouTube channel and guess what - it finally happened! our first instalment is a new time-lapse video from AAO's Angel Lopez-Sanchez filmed at siding spring observatory. please enjoy "the sky over siding spring observatory" and subscribe to the AAO's YouTube channel to keep up to date with the video releases i'll be posting once a month or so. topics to be covered include: what is a spectrum, a short documentary about observing, how we

Posted by astropixie

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