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Mar 01 2015
23:56 UTC

The Color of the Venusian Surface

Finally found a colorized version of¬Don P. Mitchell's work on the Soviet Venera mission which reveals Venus as one would see it standing upon the surface. The color was added to the image by someone better qualified than myself and is most likely closer to the reality than what I had posted a few years

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Feb 20 2015
17:03 UTC

How to Photograph Tonight's Spectacular Triple-Play Conjunction

Tonight the thin, 2-day-old crescent Moon will join Venus and Mars in the western sky at dusk for one of the most striking conjunctions of the year. The otherworldly¬trio¬will fit neatly with a circle about 1. 5¬ wide or just three times the diameter of the full moon. No question, this will catch a lot of […]

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Feb 19 2015
22:00 UTC

25 Years Since Voyagers Pale Blue Dot' Images

... quarter of a century has passed since NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft snapped the iconic image of Earth known as the Pale Blue Dot that shows all of humanity as merely a tiny point of light. The outward bound Voyager 1 space probe took the ‘pale blue dot' image of Earth 25 years ago on […]

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Feb 17 2015
16:23 UTC

Catch a Conjunction Triple Play' on February 20th as the Moon Meets Venus & Mars

Fear not, the chill of late February. This Friday gives lovers of the sky a reason to brave the cold and look westward for a spectacular close triple conjunction of the planets Mars, Venus and the waxing crescent Moon. This week's New Moon is auspicious for several reasons. ¬We discussed the vagaries of the Black […]

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Feb 04 2015
10:45 UTC

Stargazing in February

The shortest month of the year holds a lot of promise when it comes to the nights sky and whether you are making plans for Valentine's Day or still wondering […]

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