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Sep 21 2015
16:53 UTC

Mars Meets the King of the Beasts

... was up before dawn today hoping to find the returning comet 205P/Giacobini and a faint new supernova in the galaxy IC 1776 in Pisces. I was fortunate to see them both.¬But the morning held a pleasant surprise I hadn't anticipated. (...)Read the rest of Mars Meets the King of the Beasts (459 words) ¬ […]

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Sep 09 2015
16:02 UTC

This Week Facing East

This Week Facing EastThe dawn sky is punctuated this week with a spectacular lineup of some of the brightest celestial objects in the heavens. The waning crescent Moon is the centerpiece of the eastern horizon in the hour before sunrise, shimmering next to Venus, currently a blazing gem of a morning star' due east, piercing the darkness of the horizon well before the first light of day, and remaining brilliant until the glow of sunrise washes out the planet. Fall is a great time for seeing t

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Sep 08 2015
15:52 UTC

Start Your Day with a Full House — Three Planets and a Pair of Crescents

The dawn sky's where it's happening. With Saturn swiftly sinking westward at dusk, bright planets have become scarce in the evening hours. But if you get up early and look east, you'll discover where the party is. Venus, Mars and now Jupiter have the dance floor.(...)Read the rest of Start Your Day with a Full […]

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