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Aug 18 2014
14:25 UTC

Astrophotos: Spectacular Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Graces the Dawn

The closest planetary conjunction of the year graced the skies this morning, and astrophotographers were out in force to marvel at the beauty. The duo were just 11. 9' apart, less than half the diameter of a Full Moon. Also joining the view was M44, the Beehive Cluster. We start with this gorgeous shot from Queensland, […]

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Aug 17 2014
10:43 UTC

Venus and Jupiter Close together in the Twilight Glow (morning, 18 August 2014)

Morning sky on Monday August 18 looking north-east as seen from Adelaide at civil twilight, 6:30 am ACST. Venus is low above the horizon, Jupiter is so close it may be hard to see it separately. The inset shows the binocular view (click to embiggen)Morning sky on Monday August 18 looking north-east as seen from Brisbane at civil twilight, 5:22 am AEST. (click to embiggen)Morning sky on Monday August 18 looking north-east as seen from Darwin at civil twilight, 6:37 am ACST.&

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Aug 16 2014
16:56 UTC

Morning Conjunction: Venus and Jupiter, August 2014

On Monday morning, 18 August 2014, in the eastern sky before sunrise you'll see a very close conjunction of the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter. They've been shining brightly in the pre-dawn sky for a while now, but as they trace out their separate orbits around the Sun they appear to move relative to […]

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Aug 15 2014
08:11 UTC

August 18, 2014 Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Heads up for Filipino astronomy enthusiasts: From Aug 18 to 20, 2014, Venus and Jupiter will appear very close to each other (less than the width of a full moon) in the sky around 5:30am. Both planets can be viewed in the telescope at the same time on Aug 18. Look east. Clear skies! Images […]

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Aug 14 2014
23:08 UTC

Jupiter & Venus Conjunction — Closest Approach Since 2000

After the Moon, the two brightest objects in the night sky are the planets Venus and Jupiter. Venus is a close neighbor and a very reflective planet, dominating morning and evening skies with its brilliant white shimmer against the changing colors of the dawn or dusk sky. Jupiter is the giant planet of the Solar System and despite its distance, is a bold and bright object for us to enjoy, especially in a telescope or binoculars. Venus & Jupiter ConjunctionThese two planets, like all of the o

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Aug 13 2014
13:30 UTC

A Spectacular Dawn Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter Set For August 18th

What are those two bright stars in the morning sky? About once a year we can be assured that we'll start fielding inquires to this effect, as the third and fourth brightest natural objects in the sky once again meet up. We're talking about a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus. Venus has been […]

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Aug 12 2014
16:46 UTC

Surface of Venus Revealed Again

One of the best images to ever grace this blog has to be Don P. Mitchell's re-renderings of Venera 13 and 14. A miraculous re-rendering of Soviet-era data to create a whole new human eyes look at the surface of Venus (I also took the liberty of (artistically) colorizing those images as well). Now Ted

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Jul 29 2014
13:00 UTC

Venus Express Survives Close Encounter With Hellish Atmosphere

It was a daring maneuver, but the plan to put Venus Express lower in the planet's thick atmosphere has worked. For the past month, the European Space Agency steered the long-running spacecraft to altitudes as low as 81 miles (131 kilometers) for a couple of minutes at a time. Now the spacecraft has been steered […]

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