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Apr 07 2014
15:06 UTC

5 Sky Events This Week: Lunar Wall, Mars Up-Close, and a Blue Giant

Fantastic fault lines and planetary close encounters this week┬offer sky-watchers some┬impressive cosmic views of the heavens. The lunar wall.┬The first quarter moon, which comes into view on Monday, April 7, offers the best moment this month to view, in small telescopes, an amazing lunar feature called the lunar wall, or Rupes Recta (sometimes called the…

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Apr 02 2014
12:32 UTC

Venus Occults the Bright Star Lambda Aquarii April 17, 2014

Venus about to cover the bright star Lambda Aquarii at 3:59 AEST on April 17 as seen from Sydney. Most other locations to see the occultation will see similar views. Telescopic view, click to embiggen. The bright star Lambda Aquarii about to exit from the dark side of Venus at 4:04 AEST as seen from Sydney. Most other locations to see the occultation will see similar views. Telescopic view, click to embiggen. Eastern horizon from Brisbane at 3:59 AEST, 17 AprilEastern horizon from Adelaide at 3:

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Mar 25 2014
12:26 UTC

Venus and the Crescent Moon 27-28 March 2014 (see Venus in the daylight)

Morning sky on Thursday March 27 looking east as seen from Adelaide at 6:00 am ACDST in South Australia. Venus is well above the horizon with the crescent Moon nearby. Mercury is relatively high above the horizon. The inset show the telescopic view at this time. Similar views will be seen elsewhere at the equivalent local time (click to embiggen). This Thursday and Friday Mornings will see the crescent Moon close to Venus, this will be lovely to look at, and a nice subject for photogra

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Mar 25 2014
06:52 UTC

An Old Moon encounters Venus

Old Moon and VenusThe Moon travels its 29. 5 day path around the Earth each month, presenting us with its changing phases and sweeping around the sky encountering planets and stars as it moves on its steady eastward course. With the onset of daylight savings time, mornings are again dark and I can see much in the morning sky before I get in my car to drive to the office. Today I spied the waning Moon at last quarter phase, and I look forward to the graceful encounter with Venus later this week. T

Posted by The Urban Astronomer

Mar 15 2014
18:05 UTC

New Comet Jacques May Pass 8.4 million miles from Venus this July

Congratulations to┬Cristovao Jacques and the SONEAR team!┬┬On March 13 they snared C/2014 E2 (Jacques) in CCD images taken with a 0. 45-meter (17. 7-inch) wide-field reflector at the SONEAR (Southern Observatory for Near Earth Asteroids Research) observatory near┬Oliveira, Brazil. A very preliminary orbit indicates its closest approach to the sun will occur on June 29 at a […]

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Mar 13 2014
13:14 UTC

A String of Bright Planets

Evening Sky around 11:00 pm local daylight saving tine showing Jupiter, Mars and Saturn (and the Moon and Vesta). Click to embiggen. Morning Sky around 6:00 am local daylight saving tine showing Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Click to embiggen. You can see all five of the classic bright planets strung out across the sky if you stay up a bit late and arise a bit early over the next week or so. Jupiter, Mars and Saturn can be seen stretched across the sky from the north-western to the eastern

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Mar 13 2014
11:15 UTC

Wonders of the March Night Sky

Since March means Mars' month in Latin, we should find it a minor coincidence that Earth's red terrestrial neighbour plays a more major role in the sky over the next […]

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Mar 12 2014
15:10 UTC

The Glory of Venus

Oh, glorious Venus! How fragrant are your sulphuric skies! How your rainbow clouds do shimmer! Actually the sulfuric acid-laden clouds of our neighboring planet would be anything but pleasant for humans, but ESA's Venus Express orbiter did spot some iridescent hues as it flew over. The picture above, made from images acquired on July 24, […]

Posted by Lights in the Dark

Mar 11 2014
20:30 UTC

Rainbow' on Venus Seen for First Time

Oh glory! A rainbow-like optical phenomenon known as a glory' has been imaged for the first time on another planet. It was seen in the atmosphere of our nearest neighbor, Venus by ESA's Venus Express orbiter. (...)Read the rest of ‘Rainbow' on Venus Seen for First Time (421 words) ┬ nancy for Universe Today, 2014. […]

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