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May 27 2016
14:08 UTC

The June 2016 Night Sky

Let us go outside somewhere in Northern Ireland about midnight on 15 June 2016 and see what there is to see in the sky.   Hercules. Muscular hero and demi-god! […]

Posted by Astronotes

May 26 2016
10:13 UTC

A Lord of Rings: Saturn at Opposition 2016

They're back. After a wintertime largely devoid of evening worlds, the planets are once again in the evening sky. First Jupiter, then Mars have crossed opposition over the past few months, and now Saturn is set to take center stage later next week, reaching opposition at 7:00 Universal Time (UT) on the night of June 2/3rd. This places the ringed world in a position of favorable evening viewing, rising in the east as the Sun sets in the west, and riding highest near local midnight across the meri

Posted by Universe Today

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