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Apr 09 2014
15:22 UTC

Just Another Hazy Day on Titan

The weather forecast for Titan? Cloudy, hazy, and cold — just like every other day! The image here is a color-composite made from raw data captured by Cassini during a flyby on April 7, 2014, and it shows a look at the two main features of Titan's atmosphere: a thick orange “smog” made of organic […]

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Apr 08 2014
23:44 UTC

Cassini Sees a Zen Garden on Titan

Looking like the flowing designs carved by a Zen gardener's rake, long parallel dunes of hydrocarbon sand stretch across the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. The image above, acquired by Cassini in July 2013, reveals these intriguing and remarkably Earthlike landforms in unprecedented detail via radar, which can easily pierce through Titan's thick clouds. I'm […]

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Mar 18 2014
21:07 UTC

Have Waves Finally Been Found on Titan’s Lakes?

We've known for quite some time now that lakes of liquid methane and ethane exist on the frigid surface of Saturn's overcast moon Titan. While the sheer presence of large amounts of liquid on another world is fascinating, one thing that's particularly intrigued scientists about these hydrocarbon lakes is their uncanny stillness — in many […]

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Mar 18 2014
16:00 UTC

Surf's Up on Titan! Cassini May Have Spotted Waves in Titan's Seas

It's no surprise that Titan's north polar region is covered with vast lakes and seas of liquid methane — these have been imaged many times by Cassini during its ten years in orbit around Saturn. What is surprising though is just how incredibly smooth the surfaces of these lakes have been found to be. One […]

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Mar 14 2014
13:00 UTC

Rocket Fail Video Shows Human And Technological Risk With Each Launch

What you see above is 32 minutes of something going wrong during each launch. While humanity has been launching sending into space since the 1950s, you can see just how hard it is — over and over again. And when humans are riding aboard the rockets, the toll becomes more tragic. (...)Read the rest of […]

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