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Jul 09 2014
23:29 UTC

Titan's hidden ocean might be as salty as the Dead Sea

Saturn's moon Titan is known for its methane seas, lakes, and rivers; surprisingly Earth-like in appearance yet distinctly alien at the same time. But there is also evidence for another ocean, this one of water, below the surface. Little is known about this hidden watery world, but now new results suggest it is likely very … Continue Reading →The post Titan's hidden ocean might be as salty as the Dead Sea appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

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Jul 04 2014
03:00 UTC

Ocean on Saturn Moon Could be as Salty as the Dead Sea

Researchers found that Titan's ice shell, which overlies a very salty ocean, varies in thickness around the moon, suggesting the crust is in the process of becoming rigid. Image credit: NASA/JPL -Caltech/SSI/Univ. of Arizona/G. Mitri/University of Nantes. Larger image Scientists analyzing data from NASA's Cassini mission have firm evidence the ocean inside Saturn's largest moon, Titan, might be as salty as Earth's Dead Sea. The new results come from a study of gravity a

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Jun 30 2014
20:32 UTC

Cassini Marks Ten Discovery-Filled Years at Saturn

Just a week after Curiosity celebrated its first Martian year in Gale Crater and we have yet another milestone anniversary in┬Solar System exploration: as of 10:48 p. m. EDT tonight┬Cassini will have┬been in orbit around Saturn for a full decade! “There are times when human language is inadequate, when emotions choke the mind, when the magnitude […]

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Jun 30 2014
17:28 UTC

Saturn's Sailor: 20 Cassini Pictures Marking A Decade At The Ringed Planet

We're spoiled, don't you know? It was 10 years ago today that the Cassini spacecraft entered Saturn's system, and it has been busily beaming back pictures of the ringed planet and its (many) moons ever since. We've learned more about seasons on Titan, investigated plumes on Enceladus, and examined phenomena such as auroras on Saturn. […]

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Jun 27 2014
03:01 UTC

What is this Magic Island' that appeared on Titan?

Titan is a complex┬world, reminiscent of our own planet in many ways, with mountains, seas, lakes, rivers and rain. Albeit the liquid on this super-cold moon is methane/ethane instead of water, but the visual similarities are striking. Just how geologically active Titan might be in other ways however isn't really known yet, but a new … Continue Reading →The post What is this ‘Magic Island' that appeared on Titan? appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

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Jun 24 2014
18:48 UTC

Titan May be Older than Saturn, a New Study Suggests

It's well accepted that moons form after planets. In fact, only a few months ago, astronomers spotted a new moon forming deep within Saturn's rings, 4. 5 billion years after the planet initially formed. But new research suggests Saturn's icy moon Titan famous for its rivers and lakes of liquid methane may have formed […]

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Jun 24 2014
02:15 UTC

Ghost' Object Appears, Disappears on Titan

Astronomers with the Cassini mission have detected a bright, mysterious geologic object on Saturn's moon Titan that suddenly showed up in images from the mission's radar instrument. The object appeared in Ligeia Mare, the second-largest sea Titan. The feature looks like an island and so the team named it Magic Island. However, it most likely […]

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Jun 22 2014
17:00 UTC

Waves Discovered on Saturn’s Moon Titan?

Surf's up on one of Saturn's moons, report astronomers.

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Jun 16 2014
15:25 UTC

New Recipe For Saturn's Orangey Moon Titan Is Aromatic' And Hazy

What's in all that browny orangey stuff in the atmosphere around Titan? It's a question that scientists have been trying to answer concerning Saturn's moon for decades (Carl Sagan was among them). That's because it's hard to reverse-engineer the recipe. There are hundreds of thousands of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon molecules) that could form the […]

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