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Apr 27 2016
21:08 UTC

How Do We Terraform Saturn's Moons?

Continuing with our Definitive Guide to Terraforming, Universe Today is happy to present our guide to terraforming Saturn's Moons. Beyond the inner Solar System and the Jovian Moons, Saturn has numerous satellites that could be transformed. But should they be? Around the distant gas giant Saturn lies a system of rings and moons that is unrivaled in terms of beauty. Within this system, there is also enough resources that if humanity were to harness them - i. e. if the issues of transport and

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Apr 12 2016
02:44 UTC

Cassini data may help locate Planet Nine' and reveals methane fog on Titan

The Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn for many years now, studying the massive planet and its moons in unprecedented detail. Now, Cassini might be able to help shed light on another Solar System mystery: the possible existence of a ninth planet in the outer Solar System far past Pluto, or Planet Nine as it … Continue Reading →The post Cassini data may help locate ‘Planet Nine' and reveals methane fog on Titan appeared first on planetaria.

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Apr 05 2016
01:12 UTC

Huygens Data Confirms Presence Of Methane Fog At Titan's South Pole

Titan is a moon shrouded in mystery. Despite multiple flybys and surface exploration conducted in the past few decades, this Cronian moon still manages to surprise us from time to time. In addition to having a dense atmosphere rich in hydrocarbons, which scientists believe may be similar to what Earth's own atmosphere was like billions of years ago, it appears that methane is to Titan what water is to planet Earth. In addition, methane fog was also observed by the Cassini space probe back in 2009

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