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Dec 13 2014
23:39 UTC

Strong winds explain Titan's immense dunes, according to new study

Saturn's largest moon Titan is one of the most Earth-like places in the Solar System, as least in terms of appearances, with its seas, lakes, and rivers (of liquid methane/ethane). But it is similar in another way as well, with vast stretches of huge wind-blown dunes in its equatorial regions. Only Earth, Venus, and Mars … Continue Reading →The post Strong winds explain Titan's immense dunes, according to new study appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

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Dec 12 2014
16:00 UTC

Freak Fast Winds Created Titan's Massive, Mysterious Dunes

Titan is Saturn's largest moon and is constantly surprising scientists as the Cassini spacecraft probes under its thick atmosphere. Take its dunes, for example, which are huge and pointed the wrong way. Why are they pointing opposite to the prevailing east-west winds? It happens duringĀ two rare wind reversals during a single Saturn year (30 […]

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Dec 04 2014
17:28 UTC

Titan's Atmosphere Still Baffles Us A Decade After Huygens Landing

It's almost exactly 10 years ago that humanity parachuted a spacecraft into Titan, that moon of Saturn that could hold chemistry similar to what sat on Earth before life arose. Called Huygens, the probe survived for just about an hour on the surface on Jan. 14, 2005, transmitting information back about conditions there and on […]

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Dec 01 2014
17:52 UTC

This Short Film is a Stunning Preview of Human Space Exploration

One day, and it really is only matter of time, humans will set foot on the surfaces of other far-flung worlds in our Solar System, leaving the Earth and Moon far behind to wander the valleys of Mars, trek across the ice of Europa, and perhaps even soar through the skies of Titan like winged […]

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Dec 01 2014
14:00 UTC

Probing Pluto's Paltry Atmosphere Using A Solar Eclipse And Spacecraft

Pluto is so far away from us and so tiny that it's hard to glean even basic facts about it. What is its tenuous atmosphere made of? And how to observe it during NASA's New Horizons very brief flyby next July? A recent Johns Hopkins blog post explains how a careful maneuver post-Pluto will let […]

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